A higher-end, smarter, and safer Yika e7, breaking the Jinan show

Date: 2017-03-04 12:44:00 source: Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

On March 3rd, we did not ask for Sansei III, but for Yika<quo;e7”.  
At the show, Yika Motors released a new generation of e-series flagship models & mdash; Yika < e7 & rdquo;. The e7's "still immersed in the half-face" brought the crowd's onlookers, and immediately unveiled the entire booth. What we want is not louder than anyone else, and we don’t want to be self-proclaimed. We only need a beautiful and dynamic appearance, luxurious and refined interiors, and rich and practical high-tech. All you have to do is to study carefully. Discover the one in your heart. In fact, you will understand that all you want is a <; e7”.  
“e7” equipped with Yika's newly developed "E-CAR smart car joint interactive system" and "E-CAR smart collision avoidance system", these two systems have recently been reported in detail by major media, although The introduction seems simple, but even with a strong Internet gene, Yika has invested a lot of material and financial resources. After all, don't forget, this is also the beginning of the industry, it will also lead the industry trend. Because their functions are too powerful and too smart, let me take it back below: 
E-CAR smart car joint interactive system: Through the operation interface, we can clearly see that the system connects people, cars and mobile phones into one whole through the Internet. You can monitor your car through the mobile phone in all directions and all weather. With a simple operation button, you can do it with “the car doesn’t leave your hand” and you can rest assured.  
The smart anti-collision system is even more forceful. Please see below: 
Once upon a time, your front and rear bumpers were repaired N times a month. Whenever you think of similar things, do you have a slight sorrow? And now with the "E-CAR smart collision avoidance system", you no longer have to worry about it. Whenever static or dynamic obstacles are encountered, the system automatically brakes, which greatly improves the safety of daily driving. Intelligentization is the development trend of the industry today. At this point, Yika has already taken the lead in the industry.  
In addition to intelligence, the e7 also has a unique accomplishment in design. The front face of the e7 is bold and avant-garde, with the integration of various elements, skillfully bringing "high, big, upper" to the extreme. The body lines are concise and full, and the shape is powerful and powerful. While enhancing the visual tension, it also shows a majestic temperament. Every detail is designed with meticulous attention. It is a subtle combination of high-end and safe and practical. Meet people's travel needs. Moreover, the e7 is "new" in the interior, using the most popular two-color interior, with a smart large screen and knob shifter, not only optimizes the driving experience, but also makes the luxury of the car alive. .  
The listing of the e7 marks the success of Yika's higher-end, smarter, and more secure product positioning. On the first day of the exhibition, the Yika booth “Wan Tingruo City”, such a hot scene, is the affirmation of the e7.  
We also firmly believe that e7 is like its name, and in the future it must be “e”; e” road pilot, “7” & rdquo; extraordinary extraordinary … …