Yika harvests four awards in 2016

Date: 2016-12-12 12:43:00 source: Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

On December 11th, organized by China Electric Vehicle Network, Tianneng Group's total title “2016 Small Electric Vehicle Network Annual Awards Ceremony” was held at the Paphos Hotel in Yixing.  
The event lasted for 81 days. More than 100 companies signed up for the election, and 306,000 people participated in the online voting. The number of valid votes exceeded 2,005,700. In the end, Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. won the “Top Ten Development Enterprises for Small Electric Vehicle Industry in 2016”.  
Top Ten Fashion Models, Top Ten Development Potential Enterprises, Top Ten Innovative Models, and New Talent Awards 
Yika has always been the leader in the field of small electric vehicles with its comprehensive strength. Yika has always adhered to the concept of safe and practical car-making. Up to now, it has successfully built a number of classic models such as X1, X3, X5 and Smart. The leader in many small electric vehicle products on the market.  
In this selection event, Yika Smart and YikaX5 were also awarded the “Top Ten Fashion Models for Small Electric Vehicle Industry in 2016” and “Top Ten Innovative Models for Small Electric Vehicle Industry in 2016”.  
Yika participated in the selection of the selected products ——Yika Smart and YikaX5, the two cars are not only stylish and beautiful, but also economical and environmentally friendly, all kinds of entertainment and security functions are also complete, music playback, LED taillights, steering power, etc. The function is all-inclusive, giving consumers a hearty driving experience.  
In the competition of the fiercely competitive small electric car, Yika has won the “Top Ten Development Potential Enterprises in the Small Electric Vehicle Industry” by virtue of its generous technology and brand strength, demonstrating its strong strength. To give a satisfactory answer to countless people who are eagerly looking forward to and relying on Yika. The rise of a company, naturally can not be lack of a leading figure, Yika president Zhang Jian won the "2016 small electric car industry new people" rdquo; title.  
President of Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.: Zhang Jian 
(first from the left) 
Zhang Jian, a young post-80s Internet elite, was born in the financial profession. After working in the bank for seven years, he always yearned for a passionate career, so he went to Guangzhou to join the online game industry. In the golden age of the online game market, Zhang Jian’s career has also flourished, from the operation assistant to the president of Yiyue Network Investment and Domestic Distribution.  
Standing again at the point of choice of the business, Zhang Jian did not hesitate to go to the road of entrepreneurship, creating "micro-intelligent electric vehicles that users really need" is the ideal of Zhang Jian. Yika has developed and produced three series of models, and these three models also incorporate the core technology accumulated by the Yika team for more than ten years of automotive R&D and production. And under his leadership, Yika is gradually showing a more dazzling light.  
Located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is the only company in the industry that has outstanding talents in the Internet and automobiles, and has a leading international model development team and mold development team. It has stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. Large production base.  
Relying on the company's strong strength, Yika invested 2 billion yuan in the beginning of 2016 to build a 1360-acre Yika new energy automobile industrial park. It has completed the first phase of 360 acres, with a construction area of ​​150,000 square meters and an automatic production capacity of 100,000 units. base.  
Located in the small electric vehicle market of the order of millions, Yika established the route to serve the public first, and to be a high-performance intelligent small electric car that the people can afford. Then, gradually upgrade from a small electric car to an intelligent passenger car, from auxiliary driving to semi-automatic driving, and finally achieve a fully automatic driving level to create a product that best meets the needs of users.  
Yika Company serves the public with the mission of creating ordinary people. It has more than 100 professional technicians and senior engineers. It always insists on product innovation and research, deepens core technology, and combines intelligent technology to create high-quality models that meet user needs and become new energy. An excellent company in the electric vehicle industry.