Yi Jian, President of Yika, interviewed Yi Yi to do the future of China Tesla

Date: 2016-10-11 12:42:00 source: Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jian, president of Yiyi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., accepted the invitation of the first electric network “Taishan on the sword” to conduct an exclusive interview with the core figures of the micro electric vehicle industry.  
“Taishan on the sword” is the first electric network to launch a peak dialogue column for the field of miniature electric vehicles. The team led by Pang Yicheng, chairman of the Intelligent Power Interactive Group, interviewed the core figures of the micro electric vehicle industry, using graphics and video. Form their stories and thoughts. The following is an interview with Zhang Jian, the president of Yihua New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., the first electric network.  
The Internet breaks down industry barriers and provides opportunities for the integration of capital and technology. Jiangsu Yica New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., which has a deep Internet team, adopts a low-to-high manufacturing route, and has the team and strength to build a smart sports car, but starts with the most suitable electric vehicle for the masses.  
Yijia is a collection of outstanding talents in the Internet and automotive industry. It has a leading international model R&D team and mold development team, and has established an excellent manufacturer of four standard production bases for stamping, painting, welding and final assembly in Suzhou.  
At the beginning of its establishment, Yica decided to serve the public first, and to be a high-performance intelligent mini electric vehicle that ordinary people can afford. Then gradually upgrade, to do intelligent passenger cars, from assisted driving to semi-automatic driving to achieve fully automatic driving level, to create a world-class electric car company that best meets the needs of users.  
Behind this blueprint is a team of passionate and combative people. Zhang Jian, the president of Yica, is actively looking for opportunities to cut in after capturing the huge opportunities in the micro-electric vehicle market. He led the original Internet team to cooperate with Jiangsu Saichi Company to form a new car-making force.  
The young post-80s Internet elite has keen insight and down-to-earth execution. Zhang Jianben is a financial professional. After working in the bank for seven years, he always yearns for a passionate career. He went to Guangzhou from his hometown in Liaoning and joined the online game industry. In the golden age of the online game market, Zhang Jian’s career has also flourished, from the operation assistant to the president of Yiyue Network Investment and Domestic Distribution.  
Zhang Jian, President of Jiangsu Yica New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
Standing again at the point of choice of the business, Zhang Jian did not hesitate to choose the road to entrepreneurship, creating a “micro-smart electric car that users really need” is a bigger ideal. At present, Yica has developed and produced three series of models. These three models also condense the core technology accumulated by the Yica team specializing in automobile R&D and production for more than ten years. Two new car platforms equipped with intelligent systems to optimize user experience are also being developed.  
Zhang Jian said that paying attention to the user experience, improving the level of product intelligence, and adopting a low-to-high vehicle-making route is a distinct feature of Yi-Cai, which is different from traditional micro-electric vehicle companies and different from the current Internet-made vehicles. Under the smog, thousands of people are vying for a single-wood bridge. It is better to take a different approach and combine the advantages of the company to open up the market with differentiated routes.  
The following is an interview with Zhang Jian accepting the first electric network: 
Product strategy planning from low to high 
The first electric network: At the Jinan exhibition, what highlights did Yica bring?  
Zhang Jian: Jinan Exhibition is the first official appearance of Yijia. The products brought by X1, X3 and Smart are also available, and there is another X5 that just came out. Product planning is a low-to-high path. The newly released X5 is more stylish than X1 and X3, and it also enhances performance. The estimated price is around 36,000. The new car is loaded with a system. Considering the practical value for the user, the car has the functions of positioning, predicting, alarming, prompting, etc. It can know the state of the whole car, how the car is going, or the car is starting. There is no more than a safe distance, so when the state of the car is abnormal, the path will be abnormal, it will promptly alarm.  
We don't want to make a gimmick. I really want to build a car that is more secure for parents. It is dangerous to let them open Tesla. In the case of an emergency, my mobile phone will receive a text message directly to check the status of the car. All the functions fully express that we really want to think about the user, starting from the user's needs.  
The first electric network: What new models will be launched in the future?  
Zhang Jian: At the end of the year, we have to develop a new platform. At present, we have invested 40 million. The entire development team is a development team of Shanghai, and is developing in Shanghai. At the end of the year, there will be a sample car. It is estimated that when I really meet with you, it will be officially listed in February next year. This is an A-class car, newly developed, built according to the standards of traditional cars, considering the lithium battery version. We have the background of the Internet, and we will embed the Internet mode and functions into the car. More are the user experience and more comfortable throughout the driving process.  
The first electric network: In the previous interview with you, I know that the sales target of Yi-cai this year is 45,000. How much is it done now?  
Zhang Jian: The original plan is 45,000, but the current sales cannot be achieved. Because we moved from the original factory to the new factory, the original production capacity is limited. We have invested from the investment into the real construction is April 1, every day we Basically, they work overtime until 12 o'clock, and they are rushing to the progress. I hope that the whole output can be brought up more quickly. At present, the focus is on the second half of the year, and the sales volume is expected to reach 30,000 at the end of the year.  
The first electric network: What improvements does the new factory have compared with the original factory?  
Zhang Jian: The original factory was subject to site constraints, and the order could not be fully supplied in the face of market outbreaks. Of course, when there is such a demand, it also means that everyone is recognized for our products. We must improve the quality, service, capacity, and a series of things to carry the promise to the users. So we won 1360 acres of land in Suqian, the current annual output reached 100,000, and the four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly have been perfected.  
The first electric network: core components, mold manufacturing has always been one of our specialties, as well as the development of the body, is also the area of ​​expertise. In the R&D section, you mentioned that there is a R&D center in Shanghai. What kind of planning is it?  
Zhang Jian: The predecessor of Yi-cai —— Sai Chi has accumulated more than ten years in mold development, such as Dongfeng and Jiangling. We can guarantee our own quality and put forward a slogan “Invest in one generation, a new generation, reserve one generation”.  
We have to install a good car, and the control of each component is much higher. Nowadays, many micro-electric vehicles are known to be purchased together and put together. And our original entrepreneurial experience tells us that we must do good things. So we want to build an industrial park, and hope that with some of the best companies, there are some capital cooperation or other layouts that make them part of us. We will not make electric motors, we will not make electric controls, and we will not be professional. I would like to invest in some or the first and second enterprises in the industry. In this way, we can combine the core advantages of both parties. Achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.  
The first electric network: Let's extend our vision further. Looking further, when we describe the changes in the entire automotive industry, we generally say that it is electrically and intelligent, including car sharing. Yi-ca is a company with an internet background. What kind of level can we expect from the car in the direction of car development?  
Zhang Jian: The functions that will be realized at the end of the year include remote control of the door, remote switch air conditioner, position movement alarm, positioning and navigation. After that, we will gradually do some assisted driving. When the real auto-driving needs, I will continue to move forward.  
The first electric network: In the market of micro electric vehicles, we must look at the competitive environment. If these intelligent accessories are added, it may increase its price. Will consumers accept it?  
Zhang Jian: So at this time we have to understand the user's needs. If he really needs this thing, the price will be higher. The principle of Yi-cai is that the quality price is better than others. It must be a way to minimize the cost with our own core advantages, so that users can get better products.  
Repositioning, making future China Tesla 
The first electric network: After the Internet company and Sai Chi cooperate, and then start to build a miniature electric car according to your ideas, the first thing to see is the re-establishment of the brand, why do you want to change the brand and want to pass the information to everyone? What is it?  
Zhang Jian: Everyone has built a long-term Sai Chi, including many dealers who also told us that they have been running Sai Chi for a long time. Now the brand reorganization, just in line with our company's attributes, easy coffee, easy & mdash; & ldquo; e & rdquo; on behalf of the Internet, coffee & mdash; & ldquo; car & rdquo; car, is the Internet car. At this time, we use the easy coffee to combine the brand and company name, which is why the easy coffee will come out, the same as our company's positioning, and hope to build a good Internet car. In the future, the company's name and brand are all easy to use.  
The first electric network: In the field of micro electric vehicles, if enterprises want to obtain production qualifications, now there are two choices. One is that after the national or local regulations on mini electric vehicles are released, there is a separate qualification for micro electric vehicles. In addition, the same electric passenger car also opened the threshold, how do you think about qualifications?  
Zhang Jian: We want to be the future China Tesla. This is our ultimate goal. But there is still a long way to go to achieve this goal. So let’s do what the users need most, that is, we are now in the entire countryside. Market, urban-rural integration, too many people need the means of transportation. Users are constantly improving and growing, and we hope to grow and progress together with him.  
The first electric network: These two paths have been compared. The reason why you choose from high to low, not low to high, is that there is a certain logic, that is, when you are a relatively high platform, do low-end products. Consumers are also easy to recognize, but you can cut in from a relatively low angle, and it is difficult to buy a medium and high-end car user. Have you considered this?  
Zhang Jian: We can use another idea to do what the user needs most. Can you catch the point that the user needs? For example, low-speed cars, just cut into the current public demand, they need a two-wheel, three-wheel replacement tool, just at this point, can detonate the entire market. The user's needs are constantly improving. It may be important to look at the overall appearance and price at first, and will gradually see comfort and performance. Because the user demand is constantly improving, we will have higher-end models at this time.  
Solve three major pain points in the industry: quality, service, homogenization 
The first electric network: Yi-ca is considered a latecomer in this industry, because Saichi itself also entered the field of vehicle manufacturing in 2013. What do you think of the current location and future location of Easy Cafe?  
Zhang Jian: I want to create an industry dark horse, to make some impact on the user's pain points. When you attach anything, it must bring about an increase in cost. We hope to give the most cost-effective products to users. We have been researching what users really need, what models are needed, what systems are needed, what functions are needed, and Make products that fit the user.  
The first electric network: Since it is not too polite to be a dark horse in the industry, there are some problems in this industry that have caused many people to oppose it. Just say the product itself, what problems have you seen?  
Zhang Jian: The first is quality. Everyone is fighting price wars. The sacrifice is quality. Many parts are taken over and assembled into a car by the manufacturer. It may be good when it comes over. It is bad when going out, so we hope that we can unite some excellent suppliers to create an industrial closed loop.  
Yica wants to be a squid in the industry, stir it up, expose some problems, and hope that the industry will develop healthily and healthyly, so that we will face these problems together, the OEMs and suppliers work together, and the same price, make a High-quality, cost-effective products for users, let them open their hearts. No one can say that it must be 100% not bad, but we can gradually reduce the failure rate. We invested in an industrial park of 1,360 acres of land, so that we can better control the quality of a car.  
The first electric network: Just said the product problem, the first one is the quality problem, the second is what it will be?  
Zhang Jian: The second is the problem of service. Whoever solves the problem, how long it takes to solve it, how to solve it, whether everyone is satisfied, this is also the pain point of the industry. Yi-ca is building an after-sales system, and it will take a long time to solve the problem. In remote areas, we may use some matching libraries. Now we are also purchasing some logistics vehicles and responding at any time and anywhere.  
The first electric network: Can you understand that the basic shape, performance and price of the miniature electric vehicle have been finalized, but the after-sales system and service system have not yet been established, and it has not yet become a level of automobileization. Are there other questions?  
Zhang Jian: The homogenization of the models on the market is very serious and the products are single. We have also invested a lot of energy in this area and want to do some cars that are different from others. Some of the cars developed by Yijia have changed a lot in terms of shape and performance. We will do more differentiation and include lightweight and intelligent elements.  
The first electric network: Just now you have to talk about differentiated competition, but in this industry, it is the kind of car that looks like the same. If the differentiation is likely to take a big risk, the differentiated model will be far from the masses. So, what do you think about this?  
Zhang Jian: We are also starting from the market point of view. For example, now there is more hatchback in the mini-car, and there is no market in the rear sedan.