Yika is shortlisted for the selection of new energy vehicle industry chain

Date: 2016-10-04 12:40:00 source: Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

“New energy vehicle industry chain series selection” has been completed since the launch, and has completed the registration and finalization list. In the past one month, many types of enterprises such as batteries, charging piles, and complete vehicles have signed up. Although the number of finalists is not large, it is precisely because our selection is more about quality than quantity. At the registration stage, many companies have inquired about the details of the company and product parameters, and repeatedly confirmed the specific requirements of the indicator parameters. “The hard indicators in the registration form are set by the “New Energy Vehicle News” according to the opinions and suggestions of the expert review team, in order to ensure the professionalism and rigor of the selection. & rdquo; This is our unified response to the registration company. After many discussions, the principals of professors, engineers, industry associations, associations and alliances from universities and research institutes have been strict, objective and fair to the applicants for their years of experience in the new energy vehicle industry. Fair review. At the same time, some electric car enthusiasts and car owners were also organized as public judges, especially the use of charging pile APP. Finally, the expert review team, the public judges and the "New Energy Vehicle News" jointly confirmed the list of short-listed enterprises. Among the many applicants, we finally identified 18 charging pile equipment manufacturers and operators, 13 micro electric vehicle companies and 8 power battery companies. Next, the "New Energy Vehicle News" will be further evaluated from the short-listed power battery companies, charging pile equipment manufacturers and operators, and the whole vehicle from October. It is worth mentioning that the "New Energy Vehicle News" held a defense meeting for charging pile equipment manufacturers and operators. At that time, the finalists will meet face-to-face with the expert review team to introduce the company and accept questions. Members of the expert group will be judged according to the performance of the company. The winners will be finalized by the expert review team and the New Energy Vehicle News based on two rounds of assessment. The award ceremony will be held in November.