The Jinan exhibition and the fair have come to a successful conclusion. The lege

Date: 2016-09-03 16:32:00 source: Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

Yicai New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., which is the target of China's Tesla, has a very good performance at the Jinan New Energy Exhibition in August. The strong strength and outstanding products caused the sensation and hot discussion of the exhibition. The exquisite booth and the humanized experience hall also left a deep impression on the consumers and became the biggest black horse in the Jinan exhibition.  
After the end of Jinan New Energy Exhibition. In the company headquarters in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, Yi Coffee held a grand meeting of Yi-Yi New Energy Cooperation. Nearly one hundred industry distributors enthusiastically participated in the negotiation meeting. Under the leadership of the Yica staff, the dealer team visited the Yihua company headquarters in Suqian with great interest. The staff enthusiastically explained to the dealer team, from the production workshop, the four major processes, the production line to the downline commissioning.  
Yica New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​360 acres, with a construction area of ​​150,000 square meters and an annual output of more than 100,000 units. Fully reach the production base of the four major processes of automobile standardization, so that many dealers can better understand the strong strength of the company. This is full of advanced equipment and complete industrial technology production plant, but Yicai company invested 2 billion yuan to build a 1360-acre new energy industrial park.  
After visiting the advanced industrial plant, the dealer team came to the test drive site prepared by the company, they will experience it here and experience the exquisiteness of the process, performance and control of the new energy products. . Yi-cai also prepared a series of obstacle facilities for the test drive, allowing dealers to experience the real performance of the Yi-cai car in a more realistic environment. Although the weather is very hot, the entire dealer team is passionately involved in this well-prepared test drive, and it is different to experience the easy-to-use coffee in serious driving. I believe that no amount of praise can be compared with the feeling of personal experience. From the smiles and strengths of the dealers, they are very recognized for the performance of the Yi-cai car.  
The pleasant test drive activities made the dealers unfinished, and the easy-to-new energy cooperation negotiation was held after the test drive was over. Mr. Xu Guijun, Chairman of Yica New Energy, delivered a speech. He introduced the scale and concept of Yica Company to the dealers. He also set a suspense, which is one of the two products that the upcoming Yica Company will focus on this year. The other is the X5, which is a sensation in the Jinan exhibition and the consumers pay great attention to it. The main product is bound to be as amazing as the X5.  
Mr. Yin Yizhen, the sales director of Yi-Ya, came to the stage to introduce the development status of the new energy industry and the sincerity and policy of the company. In detail, we introduced the background of the company's strength!  
Mr. Zhang Jian, the president of Yicai, was unable to help himself. He was excited to come to the stage to tell him about his understanding of the new energy vehicle and the original intention and responsibility of the electric car that Yijia really needs for the people, and to deliver the best and most for the caring person. Excellent safety products!  
Mr. Wu Ningbo, Marketing Director of Yica Company, took the stage to bring you the great benefits that Easy Coffee Company really brings to the cooperation dealers! Nothing wrong, two different models of BMW cars! Under the cooperation of a certain scale, Yi Ka will give away a brand new BMW car for free. There is no routine, only sincerity!  
In Jinan Exhibition, Yi Café showed the strength of the product. At the fair, Yi Café showed the sincerity of cooperation. In the future, Yica will bring the most intimate care to consumers. Yicai, an excellent enterprise dedicated to changing the status quo of the new energy industry with the ultimate product, a dark horse with solid footsteps, firm beliefs and clear goals. The Yi-Yi New Energy Cooperation Fair has come to a successful conclusion, and the legend of Yi-Cai has just begun!