The E-CAR Intelligent Collision Avoidance System is the first in the Yika industry, “Black Technology”, which enables real-time monitoring of the front and rear distances while the vehicle is in motion. When it is too close to the front or rear obstacles, it is immediately The alarm prompts manual deceleration. If the danger is not resolved, the system will automatically force braking, and the braking force will be automatically adjusted according to the information of the vehicle, road surface, etc., which greatly improves the safety and reduces the probability of accidents.

The car linkage system independently developed by Yika has two core functions: Intelligent Online and E-CAR On All, involving mobile internet, service and convenient control. ), Electronic Fence and many other smart applications and services.

The intelligent dual-core hybrid technology independently developed by Yika Electric Vehicle can reach a cruising range of over 800 kilometers, meeting all comprehensive road conditions and meeting all travel needs of consumers. The generator driven by the hybrid system drives the vehicle to drive; the hybrid system generates power directly to the motor controller, and the remaining power can be replenished to the battery; the air conditioning system and the heating system are directly driven by the engine, eliminating the need to use battery power. Maximize the use of vehicle power. The generator can generate electricity according to the current demand of the motor. At the highest speed, the excess energy of the generator is directly supplemented to the battery storage. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 3-4L.