Jiangsu Yika New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province,CHINA.Yika has its own core values:Honesty,Integrity,Diligent and Passion. It is the only company combination with the Internet and automotive talents in the automotive vehicle industry,which has the leading international car design and moulding R&D team.Yika has built its own standard four workshops for punching ,welding,painting and assembly line in SuQian city. It has the investment of 2 billion RMB in total, covers an area of 907,200 square meters and 240,000 square meters is finished.Yika reaches an annual production capacity more than 100,000 units.,which has the core-competitiveness with the 15 years experiences of car design and mould R&D. We insist our social responsibility”Make The Automotive Vehicle For Customers”.Based on the principle”Automotive and Safe”,Yika is focusing on making the high quality automotive vehicle to meet customers’requirements and becomes the leader manufactures in the industry.
Yika has established the standard four workshops: Punching, Welding, Painting and Assembly line.Currently we have 8 punching equipments with the different specifications(1250T/800T/600T/500T/400T/250T).It has 2 production lines for welding with the customized welding fixture tools to meet the vehicle body size tolerance ± 2mm,key position size tolerance ± 1.5mm,design beat 480s / unit.
Yika has built a body electrophoresis line and 3 acrossing baking finish line to meet the requests for the electrophoresis,baking finish and topcoat.
Since Yika inception, it has established the mission of “making electric cars needed by the people”, starting with high-performance, intelligent mini electric vehicles that people can afford, and gradually upgrading them to high-end, intelligent electric vehicles. From the low speed to the high speed, the smart car technology is gradually implanted in the electric vehicle industry and steadily progresses. It eventually becomes a world-class new energy smart car manufacturer recognized by consumers.
Yika Future plans:
In the initial stage, a series of miniature electric vehicles with multiple models will be launched for middle-aged and elderly consumers, striving to become the top three brands in the electric vehicle industry within three years.
Future development will introduce intelligent electric vehicles for young consumers and enter the high-speed electric vehicle market. The ultimate goal of the company is to design and build the most advanced world-class smart technology electric vehicle.
Yijia is committed to becoming "Tesla of China" to lead the new electric car market, using advanced intelligent technology and excellent process design to create the best smart electric car, to bring consumers the most comfortable Smart travel experience. In the future, Easy Café will stand at the pinnacle of the industry.
Since its inception, it has established its mission of “creating higher-end, smarter, and safer electric vehicles”. It has begun to cut into the low-speed electric car market from building smart, intelligent mini-electric vehicles, and gradually upgraded to high-end and intelligent.Unmanned electric vehicles have gradually changed from low-speed to high-speed, and smart car technology has been gradually implanted in the electric vehicle industry, steadily improving and eventually becoming a recognized world-class new energy smart electric vehicle manufacturing enterprise.

Chairman: Xu Guijun
Taking "Frank, honest, passionate and diligent" as the core values, persisting in market-oriented, technological progress as a support, talent strategy as a fundamental, micro electric vehicle as the main business field, and "making electric vehicles needed by the common people". As the core mission, we will extend the industrial chain through manufacturing and industrial operations to provide customers with higher-end, smarter, and safer electric vehicle products, continue to innovate and promote outstanding corporate culture, and manufacture new energy vehicles with international competitiveness. This goal of business is moving forward.
The concept of “Everything starts with customers, everything starts with innovation” and “Customer First, Provides customers with the most satisfying service, is our constant pursuit” service concept. It pays high attention to customer satisfaction and satisfies satisfaction. And surpassing customer needs as the basic point of survival and development of the company, striving to adapt to changes in the market and customer needs, constantly innovating technology and management, continuously improving products and services, and providing quality, reliable electric vehicles and after-sales services to customers, to achieve Win-win with customers and partners.

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